Employee Profile - Daisy

Hello. My name is Daisy and I work as a Sterile Specialist in our Manufacturing Operations Department here at Teva Runcorn.

I’ve only been here a couple of months – this is my first job since graduating from university – but I’m really enjoying my work and I’m excited for my future. There’s certainly going to be lots of opportunities to advance my career with Teva.

What makes this a great place to work is the fact everyone is really friendly. The conditions are good, too; the hours are very flexible and you also get a decent amount of holidays, which is handy!

"There’s also a healthcare scheme, and Teva provide lots of support when it comes to mental health. They’re also big on equal rights. I know there are courses for managers that are designed to promote LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) issues, and that shows it’s a very inclusive place to work."

My degree from Staffordshire University was in Forensic Investigation, so although this is still a scientific role, it’s a bit of a departure in terms of my actual studies. And this being my first proper ‘adult’ job, I was expecting it to be quite hard adapting to the world of work after university. But I get lots of support and guidance here, so I don’t feel like I’m struggling.

"What really stands out, though, is the training. I’m on a three-week course at the moment, and they do everything possible to make sure you’re well trained. It’s continuous – even if you’ve been here for years, there’s still lots of opportunities to update your knowledge and skills."

There’s also lots of progression opportunities. I’m a new starter, but within six months I’ll start to move up and as I add more experience I could become a Senior Sterile Specialist and start to train others. It’s really up to you how fast and how far you want to go, and I really see this as a long-term career.

Essentially, Sterile Specialists are involved in the planning, dispensing, maintaining, manufacturing and filling of sterile products. I’m still training at the moment, but I’m already working on a project which is looking to create a multi-dose device for a medicine that’s used to treat chronic eye dryness syndrome.

"It’s interesting work, and I know what we’re doing is important. We create medicines for people and we make them better. That’s essentially what attracted me to working here. I know I am making a difference to people’s lives, and I know my Mum is proud of me, too!"

My advice to anyone thinking about applying for a job at Teva is to ‘go for it’. There are so many training opportunities and different areas to move into. If you don’t feel you fit in one role, there’ll always be another you can have a go at.

"There are also lots of progression opportunities. I’m a new starter, but within six months I’ll start to move up and, as I add more experience, I could become a Senior Sterile Specialist and start to train others."

To be successful here, you need to be driven. You can’t just take a back seat. You also need to be outgoing and have a good personality because you need to be able to get on with people from different backgrounds.

But, of course, it’s not all work. I live in New Ferry on the Wirral. Last year, there was a really bad gas explosion which destroyed lots of homes and shops. I’m currently volunteering with one of the charities there, helping to wrap Christmas presents and write cards for the families who lost their homes. It’s rewarding work – very much like working at Teva.