Employee Profile - Catherine

Hi, my name’s Catherine and I’m a Research and Development Lab Technician in the Sterile Devices Team.

I’ve been here just three months but can already see that it’s a place where I can grow and develop, because I’m surrounded by helpful, encouraging colleagues – their support is just brilliant.

My job currently involves supporting the scientists in the labs by ensuring that the equipment and facilities are perfectly organised, prepared and calibrated and getting them the information and data they need to run their tests, but I also get involved in a broad spectrum of other tasks.

I’d always enjoyed the hands-on aspect of working in laboratories when I was studying for my Environmental Science BSC and I love organising so this is a great role for me!

The amount I’ve learned already is incredible and because I get to experience so many different aspects of laboratory work I can see which areas I want to develop.

I’m on one of Teva’s Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) career pathways and hope to advance from Lab Technician to Scientist in a few years. 

I can already see there are lots of opportunities for progression and Teva is very active in supporting my personal development with mentoring, training and qualifications. There’s a really clear route forwards.

What really impresses me about Teva is how they don’t see you as just a number, but treat you as a person with individual aspirations. There’s no judgement: if you are motivated and show an interest, they will help you achieve your goals, whoever you are.

Working somewhere where I feel I am making a difference is really important to me too. I’ve got family members and friends who have medical issues and it’s great to feel that I am part of something that can make their lives easier and for patients worldwide. Everyone is made aware of how their role contributes to that – and when we make progress as a company or a new product gets released it’s very motivating – you really feel you’re part of a big team.

Teva’s values reflect that too – like ‘Getting It Done Together’ – even when you are in a smaller discrete team like mine, you know you can always get help from other teams and, if they can’t help directly, they will always point you in the right direction. You’re never left to stand alone. And I also want to say that It’s a really good humoured place to work too!

For any young person thinking about a future in STEM I’d wholeheartedly recommend working here - Teva’s not a job, it’s a career.