Gender Pay Reporting

Gender pay reporting legislation requires employees with 250 or more employees to publish statutory calculations every year showing how large the pay gap is between their male and female employees.

In the UK, Teva has two entities, Teva Runcorn (Norton Healthcare) and Teva UK.

Teva Runcorn (Norton Healthcare)

At Teva Runcorn, we have a large manufacturing facility as well as two teams of Research and Development Scientists. Throughout the sites we operate STEM Career Pathways (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) and have structure pay bands aligned to a global grading architecture.

Whilst our demographic is heavily weighted male to female, because of our structured pay system and STEM Career Pathways pay levels are irrespective of gender, race, ethnicity or age. We are proud to have a Site Leadership Team that is 50% male/female and have a reasonable balance of male to female across our wider management structure. In our production roles, the demographic is more heavily weighted to men. These roles are largely shift based roles and do not appeal to everyone, due to the night working aspect.

In 2017, we decided to sign-up to the STEM Ambassador programme. Not only is this an excellent way to support the professional development of our current, highly skilled workforce, but also enables us to reach out to communities and educational institutions to support and encourage the next generations of STEM students and employees. We combine working as external STEM Ambassadors with our internal professional development pathways to drive high levels of engagement and equal opportunity.

Teva UK

Teva UK is a largely commercial organisation, comprising of sales, marketing, medical and various support functions, such as finance and technology. We have a high proportion of field based sales representatives whose remuneration is a combination of basic pay and performance based incentivised payments. Also included in the Teva UK report are a number of global functions such as Research & Development and a sizeable population of ‘above country’ senior leadership positions either based or ‘homed’ in the UK such as the CEO of Teva Europe and other senior leaders who live in the UK but who work in regional or global roles.

Our gender pay gaps are a reflection of the traditional difficulty in attracting females in to certain roles, especially those science and technology based roles. We are able to offer a high degree of flexibility in terms of working hours and patterns; this has negatively impacted our Gender Pay data, as the majority of our part time workers are female. In addition, we generally have more women who have breaks from work that may have an effect on their career progression, although we do have a role model in our General Manager who is female.

Teva UK uses a global grading architecture as the basis of determining salaries and bonus allocations for all of our roles; gender is not a consideration in this process. We also review and calibrate all our annual pay increases and bonus awards at a leadership level with the final sign off with our General Manager.

Clearly there is more work we should do to improve gender diversity within Teva UK and the leadership team is committed to regular reporting and review of gender pay gap metrics. We are also establishing a working group on creating further support for career progression, along with reviewing the support for women returning post maternity and providing ongoing developmental opportunities for all our employees.

Teva's Gender Pay Report can be accesses on GOV.UK